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Web hosting by Dolphin Web Development™.
Unlike many other IT companies, we are focused on generating income for your business. Every step of the process places emphasis on achieving your goals. For a free quote, or to learn more about how we can help your business, contact us by email.

The equipment must match the application.
There are several platforms that run web applications, and several types of code languages used to produce those applications. Some of the more popular choices include PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET. There are also several database choices if your web application requires a database. It is a simple fact that some code runs better on some platforms, not so well on others. So, matching your server hardware to your web application code and database needs is important in order to provide your users with a positive experience. Most applications can be written in several code languages, but to get the best performance your web server hardware and operating system should be the best platform for the code you are running. At Dolphin, we have all platforms, operating systems and hardware available, and as we conduct the research and development of your web application a clear choice for the server platform emerges.

What do we do for you?
We provide a fully operational setup with hosting and complete configuration. Whatever your needs, we will help you. Your goal to establish a successful Internet business or online extension of your existing business can be achieved faster with our help. Partnering with Dolphin Web Development™ will provide you with a custom website designed specifically for you and your business. Consumer and B2B affordable web hosting at the best price, e-business consulting and development solutions, inexpensive Internet marketing strategies and low cost graphic design allow you to avoid offshore promotional development and keep your business in the USA with a staff that is easy to understand on the phone.

We offer complete solutions.
Flash programming, javascript, network marketing, payment processing, photography/scans, search engine optimization (SEO), security certificates, SSL, tech support (with no phone menus to struggle through), web design services, development tools, web elements, graphics, web page design, web site design package, upgrade, hosting, marketing, merchant account assistance, promotion and maintenance are all available with our StarterStore™, SimpleStore™, and SuperStore™ packages.

Contact us for a free quote.
To learn more about our web hosting with the emphasis on generating income for your business, just ask for a free quote. Contact us by email.

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