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SSL enable your site with SSL Certificates. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) - the easily implemented standard protocol for transaction security - is an encrypted link between your Server and your Customer's browser. Once the link is established all communication between your Server and your Customer's browser will remain confidential.

InstantSSL Certificates deliver you Industry standard SSL and are trusted by 99.3% of the current Internet users - making our SSL Server Certificates as trusted as the more expensive Certificates from Verisign & Thawte.

Browser Compatibility

99.3% of Internet users inherently trust Instant SSL Certificates - equal to Verisign & Thawte.

Browser Compatibility:

  • Internet Explorer 5.00 and above
  • Netscape 4.x and above
  • AOL 5 and above
  • Opera 5 and above

Root Certificate comes pre-installed with:

  • Windows 98SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS 8.5
  • Mac OS 9.x
  • Mac OS X

Our partnership with Betrusted sees Instant SSL use a Root CA Certificate to issue InstantSSL, Instant SSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificates.

Our Root is trusted by over 99.3% of all current browsers comprising all Internet Explorer 5.01 and above, Netscape 4x and above, AOL 5 and above and Opera 5 and above and comes pre-installed with all Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X operating systems.

Browser compatibility is 99.3% - equal to Verisign and Thawte. The increased browser compatibility has not affected our prices, we are still the most cost effective!

SSL Certificate Comparison

Speed of Issuance & Validation Levels:
Thanks to the revolutionary capabilities of IdAuthority, the identity assurance provider, the majority of our SSL Certificates can be issued instantly but without compromising the integrity of level of validation expected for SSL. The result is a quickly issued yet trusted Certificate that does not undermine consumer confidence with the SSL protocol.

We offer the most cost effective SSL Certificates today. To help customers avoid the hassle of renewing every year, we also offer attractively discounted 2 and 3 year Certificates.

Your browser compatibility is a key element when choosing an SSL provider. Our SSL Certificates are inherently trusted by over 99.3% of the current Internet population. This makes our Certificates as equally trusted as Certificates from Verisign and Thawte.

Industry Leading Expert Support:
As a valued SSL customer you can expect both telephone and email support for any issues you may face or questions you may have during any stage of applying for, installing or using your SSL Certificate.

Features: PremiumSSL InstantSSL Pro InstantSSL
Usage Leading e-commerce enabled web sites conducting high volume / high value transactions Leading e-commerce enabled web sites, as well as intranets and extranets Intranets, extranets and web sites conducting transactions valued at sub $50
TrustLogo worth $119.00 included Free TrustLogo Included Free TrustLogo Included  
Fast Track Support worth $19.95 included Fast Track Support  Included- Fast Track support gives you prioritized product installation support for your order, including dedicated personnel available by telephpone (inc. US toll free).    
Technical Support:
e.g. Cert Installation guidance
Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Email, Web
Standard Support:
e.g. Account Queries
Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Tel, Email, Web
Warranty $10,000 $2500 $50
SSL Encryption 128/256 bit* 128/256 bit* 128/256 bit*
Secures... Single Domain Name (FQDN) Single Domain Name
Single Domain Name
30 day money back guarantee 30 day revocation Included 30 day revocation Included 30 day revocation Included
Reissuance Timeframe Unlimited Unlimited 30 days
Full validation / authentication 30 day revocation Included 30 day revocation Included 30 day revocation Included

* 256 bit encryption supported by compatible servers and clients. e.g. Apache 2 and Firefox.

What is TrustLogo?

PremiumSSL and InstantSSL Pro include a free TrustLogo worth $119.00 per year. TrustLogo provides you with a unique ability to visibly display your "trusted" and "secured" status. As well as SSL providing you with the ability to secure transactions, your TrustLogo allows customers to view your trusted state and your business credentials in real time. A TrustLogo can help turn web site visitors into paying customers. PremiumSSL and InstantSSL Pro certificates include a free TrustLogo worth $119.00 per year!.

What is Fast Track Support?

Fast Track Support is an enhanced support package worth $19.95 per year and is included at no extra cost for all PremiumSSL certificate purchases. Fast Track support gives you prioritized product installation telephone and email support for your order. Fast Track support ensures your support issues will always be dealt with first whenever you need help with your certificate.

What is the Warranty?

We believe it is important to protect the end user. Let's say we were to mis-issue a certificate to a fraudulent site. Bad. Now let's say that fraudulent site has an end user lose money. Worse. Why? Because the end user had what they thought was a "trusted session". We should never have issued the certificate that provided the fraudster with the ability to set up this situation for the user. So we have taken out insurance to pay money to the end user. Why do we do this?

  1. We value the end customer
  2. We believe the insurance provides greater peace of mind, which allows the merchant to sell more products
  3. Most importantly, we value our validation techniques
We provide validation that is far higher than some other SSL providers. Some Certificate Authorities have very weak validation, so they decide they better NOT offer insurance! Finally, it is worth pointing out that we offer high validation, but not at the compromise of speed. You can still obtain our SSL certificates extremely fast.

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